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Rent Your Vacation House is a membership-only blog for owners and managers of Vacation Homes. 


About Lee Foster

When at the beach, I scout all the rental houses (open and unopened) that cloudy weather, sunburn, or rental agents will allow. Apparently, I am not alone. My property manager tells me that scouting houses is the number one evening activity at the beach. I admit that I do the same thing at hotels, spas and resorts – I scope out the rooms while the maids are making them up, so that I know just which room to ask for on my next visit.

As an architect and interior designer who has been practicing for over 25 years, I have designed a variety of commercial projects, including hotels, corporate headquarters, historic renovations, exhibit design, and metro cars.

I am also a beach house owner who experiences all the joys and trials of owning and renting a vacation home. To combine my professional and personal interests, I started www.vacationhousereview.com, a site for vacation houses that designers would rent for themselves.

When I started the website, my design team and I reviewed the web pages of 23,000 houses on the Outer Banks. After seeing so many vacation houses, both in person and on the web, some trends (both good and bad) emerged.

RentYourVacationHouse.com was started to share the knowledge gained by looking at hundreds of vacation houses with other homeowners. My idea is to offer some designer insights into what makes a rental house desirable and what makes it stand out on the web and in its market.

As I am sharing my experiences, I am hoping that you will participate by sharing yours, too.


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