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Ten Common Photo Mistakes

We have looked at thousands of vacation house photos in the past couple of years and have discovered that many owners make the same mistakes when photographing their homes. We will discuss these mistakes more in depth in other postings, but for now, here is a list of what not to do in your photographs. Below are examples we've seen that were originally meant to encourage people to rent the house but may wind up having the opposite effect. 

1. Displaying Objects on Top of the Kitchen Cabinets


Don't use mismatched collections

Avoid plants, either real or fake.

Don't display liquor bottles 

2.  Fake Foliage


Don't let plants detract from the photo

Plants make a poor space filler.

Keep the view as clean as possible-- this is distracting.

3. Televisions 


Don't crop out furniture for the sake of showing a TV.

Avoid making a television the focus of a photo.

And definitely don't show the television's wiring.

4. Window Valances


Don't let valances distract the eye from the view

Don't block the view entirely with window treatments.

Don't contribute to the clutter in a room with bad valances.

5. Ceiling Fans


Don't let fans drift into the focus of the room.

Eliminate distractions, like this fan here.

Steer clear of visual annoyances like these.

6. Messy Bookshelves


Skip showing negative features like these shelves.

Why take this photo?

Don't let unkempt bookshelves ruin a photo.

7. Cluttered Rooms


Don't pack rooms with furniture.

Prevent visual overload.

Don't let photos indicate there's no space to move.

8. Bizarre Decorations


Try not to induce claustrophobia in renters.

Keep nightmare-material out of kids' rooms.

Avoid visual overload.

9. Sterile Rooms


Prevent the dorm room look

Try to inject some personality into rooms.

Include art and/or color.

10. Toilets?


Keep countertops clean and uncluttered.

Don't display toiletries or paper products.

Keep a lid on it.



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